Continuing Precautions against COVID-19

        Micron inc. has updated safety procedures as of May 2020. As we look forward to continuing operations and keeping guest and employee’s safe, all guests  will now be required to wear a mask before  entering the building, sanitize hands at each entrance with the provided hand sanitizer, and keep a safe distance with all other guests and employees. 

Remember to wear a mask

A face mask will be required to enter the lab. Please bring a mask. If a guest arrives without a mask Micron may provide one or ask the guest to return at another time with proper protection. This is for the safety of all staff and guests.

Sanitize hands before entering

Hand Sanitizer will be provided at every entrance. Sanitize your hands before entering the lab to keep surfaces clean.Common areas will be wiped down regularly.

Social distancing

Please keep a 6ft distance between guest and staff to protect from spreading germs.

All common areas will be kept clean  and sanitized in accordance with CDC recommendations

Hand sanitizer stations will be provided at each entrance. Guests are asked to provide their own masks. If a guest arrives with out a masks Micron will either provide one for them or ask that they return at another time with proper protection. All precautions are being enacted to combat the COVID-19 Virus crisis in accordance with CDC guidelines.  Common areas, work areas, conference rooms, restrooms, and packages will be sanitized regularly with 

disinfectant wipes and recommended all purpose cleaners. Guests who enter Micron inc. will be required to use the hand sanitizer before entering from the lobby to the building. We ask if you have a cold or flu like symptoms that you please reschedule any laboratory inspections and remain home. If a guest enters at our facility and begins exhibiting symptoms we reserve the right to ask you to please use a 3M mask or leave the facility. This is for the safety of all guests and employees present. Micron Inc. will remain open and sanitary during Delaware’s Stay at Home order.

If you need to cancel a laboratory inspection we ask that you please give us 48 hours in advance. We also ask that if you cancel a laboratory inspection due to cold or flu like symptoms that you be symptom free for 14 days before rescheduling your laboratory inspection. We will accommodate all laboratory inspections as quickly as possible.

       We thank you for your cooperation and know that with all the proper precautions the life of the COVID-19 crisis will be shortened. 

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