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To schedule a visit to our facility, get in touch with our team over the phone or through email. They will be able to schedule a convenient time for you to have access to the testing you need.


What to Expect: Scheduled Inspections will begin when all parties arrive. Upon arrival, each Client will log in on a sign in sheet. The sheet will be distributed to each client at the conclusion of the Inspection.  Any Data or files produced will be provided after the Inspection. Retainer Fee:  A Retainer fee of $3,500 per Day is Required to secure each Inspection Date. Further fees only apply if the cost of testing exceeds the retainer fee. Cancellations are preferred to be notified 48 hours prior to inspection.

Lab Visits

If you need to be present during testing of your lab samples let us know. If you are submitting your samples with a Lab Analysis Request, specify the that you would like to schedule an appointment on the form. To schedule quickly, give us a call or send us an email and we will be able to find you the first available appointment.

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Call Us: 302.998.1184 Email Us: MicronAnalytical@compuserve.com

First Visit?

Our Building is not visible from the road. Be sure to check out Directions Beyond the GPS.

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