We always strive to solve your material problems

Now let us help solve your office problems

Our new website is full of updates with simpler solutions to maximize your time. We’ve made sample submission easier, pulled in the reigns on paper consumption, updated our report style, and even made a few tech upgrades. Our idea of efficiency is putting more solutions at your fingertips. Accurate, high-quality lab results have always been our number one priority, but now we have made getting those results easier. Lab Request Forms are now available for download in the Forms & Download section of our website. Just include the form with the samples, it covers everything from Analysis Priority to Sample Classification. Need to request a 222? Download the fillable pdf and email us right away. Quotes and Evidence Inspections can also be requested through our website.

Pro Tip:

Pre-Fill Analysis Request Forms and Save as a Template to avoid retyping Contact Info, or Return Data Preferences every time samples are sent.

Notice Micron’s logo is just a bit more modern and smooth?

We’ve touched up the look to match new tech updates. Micron Reports will now stay electronic from start to finish. Crisp clean data sent quickly with no paper waste. Paper waste is one material problem we can help combat. Internally we’ve switched to Electronic Calendars to save paper and keep our team up to date all the time. From Inspections to sample drop-offs and lab tours we are prepared and conserving.

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