failure inspection

Full lab access

With in-house sample preparation and a full lab at your disposal you can make the most of your time and the inspection. 

Micron Inc. provides a truly independent laboratory
with no ties to either party involved in the litigation.
Failure Inspection
Micron regularly hosts evidence inspections and can provide a myriad of tests including optical, metallurgical and scanning electron microscopy during a lab visit with all parties present. Large groups can be accommodated for the examinations. Climate-controlled
evidence storage is also available.

A retainer fee is required prior to examination to secure an inspection date. To schedule or obtain more information:
Email or call us at (302) 998-1184
Ask for Heiki Heitur, our Senior Technologist.

Samples which need specific analyses not offered by Micron Inc. can be accompanied by a Chain of Custody Form and sent to fellow laboratories for further analysis.

for quick sample submission:

schedule an inspection


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