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Micron Inc. is an independent analytical laboratory that provides material testing & micro-structure analysis.

Micron Inc has been serving the scientific community for over 50 years and is committed to solving material problems with evolving solutions. We strive to offer best-in-class lab services efficiently, affordably, and with fast turn around time.

Micron Analytical Services


Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy

High-resolution imaging using focused electron beam for detailed material analysis at nanoscale.


Scanning Electron Microscopy

A means of obtaining high-resolution, three-dimensional-like images of solid samples.


Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy

Extends the usefulness of SEM in that elemental analysis can be performed within regions as small as a few cubic micrometers.


Differential Scanning Calorimetry

DSC measures material heat capacity changes by temperature.


Thermogravimetric Analysis

TGA is a type of thermal analysis that examines the thermal stability of a material.


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

The FTIR System provides high performance with a wide variety of sampling options.


X-Ray Diffraction

an analytical method for characterizing the crystallographic structure of a material.


Failure Analysis

Micron Inc. facilitates Failure Analysis investigations using top of the line instruments, equipment, and various Sample Preparation techniques.


Sample Preparation

One of the most critical steps in any analysis is the proper preparation of the sample before the analysis.


Optical Microscopy

Characterizes the morphological features of material over a wide range of magnifications (0.5X-1500X).


X-Ray Radiography

Visualize internal structures of Welds, Castings, Corrosion, Circuit Boards, and more.


Metallography & Metallurgical Analysis

A procedure used to produce a specimen in which the microstructure can be observed.

Laboratory Analysis Solutions

Whatever materials testing you need, Micron, Inc. has got you covered. The lab is open seven days a week, packed with the latest gear, and fully certified. All Micron services are FDA/DEA registered and GMP/GLP compliant. Our expert team is here to tackle your toughest testing challenges and get you the precise results you need, fast. This way, important decisions can be made without delay. Here are a few ways Micron can help with your next project:

Plating Defects

Corrosion Product Analysis

Stainless Steel Passivation Measurements

atom-2 Metal Phase Analysis

Heat Treatment Quality Control

Contaminant Analysis

Failure Analysis

Fracture Analysis

Grain Size Measurements

Internal Defects Determination

Defect Analysis in Castings

Case Depth Measurements

Polymer Identification

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Welcome to Micron News & Insights Hub! In this dedicated space, you'll discover a curated collection of scientific articles, cutting-edge research findings, and analytical commentary on the latest trends within Materials analysis. A deep dive into the scientific underpinnings that drive innovation and progress. Whether you're a researcher, attorney, or just an enthusiast, Micron offers you this information to expand your knowledge base and foster intellectual growth. Join us in navigating the complexities of our dynamic world through the lens of scientific inquiry.

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Micron’s experienced
staff is equipped with a top of the line facility and the knowledge to guide clients through the testing process.

By analyzing a material’s unique combination of properties testing can resolve questions of quality, defects, degradation, composition, contaminations and more.


sample drop off

Samples can be dropped off at any time during office hours.

Please speak with a Micron employee during drop off. Samples can be placed in the front lobby to be retrieved immediately once the lobby is cleared or handed through the glass receiving window.

mailed samples

Packages will be received with gloves and sanitized before testing begins.

Be sure to included a Sample Request Form or Quote in the box to identify samples.

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